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© Sarah Oyserman at Bâtard Brussels

© Sarah Oyserman
at Bâtard Brussels

The New Bitch of Republic is a lecture performance on the representation of women in Turkey. The narrative is told by analyzing the representation of four crucial actresses (Türkan Şoray, Hülya Koçyiğit, Filiz Akın and Fatma Girik) of the 1970s  — the years when feminist discourse started to gain interest in the society — through the pages of the popular magazine Ses. A renowned magazine Ses was about the lives of film stars and was reminiscent of Life Magazine with a blend of Modern Screen or Screen Stories from the US.

Slowly, while like an academic presenting the history of the ideal Turkish woman(!), the representative-narrative body becomes what the opposite of how the Republic imagined her to be: queer, topless and rejecting to sing the National Anthem.

Thanks to Bâtard Festival Brussels for the video and to Tom Engels for the invitation.

The Bitch of The New Republic from Martin Hiendl on Vimeo.

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