Awake! (2020) Göksu Kunak from Goksu Kunak on Vimeo.

As a part of the John Heartfield – Photography Plus Dynamite exhibition at the Akademie der Künste, the online programme: Laboratory of Contested Space – discussing the topic of Art & Truthtelling. Curated by the JUNGE AKADEMIE (Clara Herrmann and Luise Pilz) and Lynn Takeo Musiol.

"Göksu Kunak’s interest lies in queer methodologies (especially chronopolitics) and hybrid texts that deal with the performative lingo(s) of contemporary lifestyles. In a world where experts are doomed, our reality shifts with the speed of a thumb scrolling down. Awake! is a reflection on this fragmented speed; surveillance, truth, and trust. In the text, excerpts from semi-fictional interviews on the diversity in the business culture with the AI robot Sophia, or say, several advertisements for objects and actions that control the body greet us with the format and hybridity of a TV/radio show. Moreover, suggestions from Jehovah's Witness magazines that focus on the post-truth culture with the intention of guiding us to God, as well as reflections on body politics such as the Orientalist imagery—for instance, the Odalisque image in the Western canon—or the pharmocopornographic era (Preciado) point out various methods of power structures."


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