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Quiet Cue

Quiet Cue

Is Paradise Cheaper? is a narration with words and sound questioning the constant move that we are forced or not being able to move at all; say, the expectations from us to act in certain ways to not to threaten the society. In the world of Pokemon and self-made-Muslim-prophets contemplating on Amy Winehouse’s death, Korhan Erel and Göksu Kunak dwell on queer chronopolitics in relation to performativity of gender.

Computer musician, composer and sound designer Korhan Erel and writer, researcher Göksu Kunak are two queer residents of the world, who grew up in Turkey. They have been problematizing certain ways of dealing with body, sex and gender in the society.

Is Paradise Cheaper has been previously performed at Quiet Cue in January 2015 and alphanova-galeria futura in May 2015 and Fuchsbau Festival 2017.

A video of the Quiet Cue performance

Korhan Erel & Göksu Kunak from quiet cue_intermedia&cooperation on Vimeo.

“Representing their essentiality; pretending to be a wo/man. What shall they do? There are certain circumstances allowing them to act in definite ways, no doubt… Alarms are ringing in the head, waking them up to act.”

“Remembering this young boy jumping out of the window assuming that he would get the hero powers by shouting: “I chose you Pikachu!”

Pokemon is stupid. Pokemon has no idea, boy, has no idea that you do exist. Just like God… None of them can help you. Jump, fall and brake!”


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