Göksu Kunak

Different versions was performed at LOW TEXT#1 at Flutgraben and  

TABLOID PRESS Residency at Blake & Vargas Berlin

Urgent (Vol.3) published in the 90th edition of Universitaet der Künste Berlin's magazine Eigenart curated by Gruppe Magazine.

from LOW TEXT#1 at Flutgraben

Part I (bathrobe)

Hi Hi 


I’m new

I’m new in Berlin

I'm 23 yo boy

German Guy,51

Young lesbian girl 

drag queen

really feminine transgender boy

a student

Xabier, 24 years old

I’m looking for

looking for a 


a room

a love

a cock

a cut

Fully furnished, newly renovated 2 Bedroom apartment in PrenzlauerBerg; Kreuzberg, Neukölln is available!!

A fully furnished 65 square metre flat 

from 1st of June to 15th of September.

June 1st

1st of February 

well furnished fully decorated

looking for a room

looking for a nice, kind gentleman, who knows how to treat a lady.

looking for someone to cuddle with on a weekday evening, maybe even a kiss 

Looking for sub guys to worship my nuts.

looking for a serious relocatable houseslave.

looking for a room from June 1st

June 1st

1st of February

Hi, I'm here 

new and here in Berlin,

don't have a place looking for a room. If any body has and idea , can you pm, pls?

Is it still available?

Hi, interested in your flat. Is it still available?

Let me know if it is available

is your flat still available? 

Hey! Interested in your flat.

I'm interested 

Hi there! Still available?

A fully furnished 65 square metre flat 

from 1st of June to 15th of September.

June 1st

1st of February 

well furnished fully decorated

don't have a place looking for a room

don't have a place looking for a room

don't have a place looking for a room

I've been looking for a room already for 4 months and still nothing 

and I'm tired writing about myself. 

so, short version: cool, relaxed, clean guy. i like beer and all sorts of alcohol. No i will not party in the house. I'm student. I'm working 5 days a week. I'm funny (really) I can pay 400 WARM.

Repeat to yourself: 

I am not going to die from this

I am not going to die from this

I am not going to die from this

I am not going to die from this

I am not going to die from this

INTERNET, gas, electricity, water,

with washing machine, microwave/oven, TV & internet/internet-wireless, fridge, gas-cooker & all kitchen gear/stuff

all are present

house and kitchen equipment

wireless internet, moka pot/coffee maker and a washing machine 

Queer friendly, conscious about energy use, 

Love, cuddles ,stocky,hung,uncut,dominant,experienced,


Are you urgently searching?

Do you really want to change your life completely? 

Are you somebody who love to serve (sexual, non-sexual, domestically)? 

Are you submissive and very obedient ? 

Do you love to get frequently punished ? 

Do  you love to have sex only bareback ? 

And are you really available for a live-skype check ?

Young, dominant guy Love being verbal.

Tidy and quiet





Wink smile Heart


Are you urgently searching? 

Here is a furnished apartment available for rent in Mitte Berlin. Students are allowed, couples are allowed and a single parent is also allowed.

You better like the feeling of nice full hairy balls in your mouth. Suck on them until I feed you what you deserve. Look up at me as I splatter my warm juice on your cheeks and forehead. Young, dominant guy here. Love being verbal. Regular thing would be great.

Ideally the apartment should be close to the centre or close to an Ubahn/ S-Bhan

looking for a serious relocatable houseslave. Submissive, hardworking and interested in a longterm live-in relationship. No wannabe, faker, liar. All races and nationalities (including refugees) are welcome.




until the end

until the end of the month

looking for ppl to go dancing with, cuddle, watch anime and sci fi (and maybe whatever ur into!!), karaoke, video games, make outs, weeeeird kinky sex or sweet and gentle vanilla(?) sex!! medically required to be high all the time, needs help with makeup. thinks it’s fun to compare comic collections and diagnoses.!

I’ve been always awesome. I’ve never been cool. 

There, I said it: I’m a weirdo; I hate baked beans.

I’m an intergenerational love fest.

I'm a Catholic Priest who identifies as gay

a bundle of contradictions

I’m not just boobs and blonde hair (edit: it’s currently pink).

too upfront, honest

pokemon trainer geek girl 

easily moved to laughter and tears

eternal optimist

rebellious, hedonistic, 

into chemically altered experiences

an opinionated yet open minded over thinker.

Self knowing yet still self-discovering.

This I like :)

I like art

I like sunshine, bear hugs, good times, 

I like oxygen

I like Birkenstock sandals

I like electricity, gas and water bills

I like soft tight pussy which is already wet.
I like it!

(staircase, beyaz kiyafet ve degistir IMAGE)

Destroys bunkers and urban structures

Ballistic performance 

120 mm short range practice

120 mm enhanced lethality

Excellent dispersion and penetration capability 




Sniper’s Tactical Case

Sniper’s Tactical Bag 

.338 Suppressor

5.56 Suppressor

7.62 Suppressor

X95 Suppressor 

Dan .338 Mag

Assault Grip 

Assault Drum 7.62

Adjustable Butt Stock 

Blank Firing Attachment 

Pistol Holster 

Pistol Holster Pusher

39 Cal Barrel - 30 KM

45 Cal Barrel - 36 KM

52 Cal Barrell - 40 KM

The first conversation began awkwardly, although the sniper had been expecting the call of the base, as if both men found it difficult to say what sooner or later they would have to say. The first twenty minutes were full of hatred, with the word faggot used fifteen times, and the word combat twenty-four times. The new President’s name was spoken fifty times, nine of them in vain. The word Ankara was said seven times, the word Washington, eight. The word high-explosive was spoken twice, once by each man. The word penetration was spoken six times and the word happiness once. The word solution was said three times. The word destroy seven times. The word lethality ten times. The word friendly troop, in the singular and the plural, three times. The word Art with the capital A once. The word high-velocity three times. The words high-hit or probability or Oslo Convention or safe or short range or ammunition nineteen times. The words compatible with NATO or failure-rate or fire or operation fourteen times. The word optimum passed through the heads once. The word dud-rate was about to be mentioned. One of them used the word Germany, and in fact they both laughed. Then the conversation proceeded to different matters such as their next vacation. Then the neighbors started to have loud sex and the dog got angry at them and barked twice. 5Turkish folk coming from another window wrapped up the ears. The song writer used the word peace four times. 

“Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

Today 1 Euro was 

meaning 1 euro book is 5,51 Turkish Liras,

meaning 1 Euro bread is 5,51 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro espresso is 5 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro sex work is 5 Turkish Liras

meaning 1 Euro visa fee is 5 Turkish Liras 

meaning 1 Euro gun is 5 Turkish Liras 

meaning 1 Euro insurance is 5 Turkish Liras

Turkey for 4.65 TLiras February 22, 2018. 

Turkey for 5 TLiras June 3, 2018  

Turkey for 5.26 TLiras June 10, 2018 

Turkey for 5,49 TLiras June 17, 2018

Turkey for 5,51 Turkish Liras, June 20, 2018




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