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"I just threw the wilted pink roses into the trash. Their wilted state transformed into a suffocation; the pink became yellow, like a dead body; the water started to stink. It was the time for me to accept that despite the glitters they still had on them, the roses were dead."

"Serra’s sculptures maroon you just like a break up does. When we were walking in one of the Torqued Ellipse sculptures in Dia:Beacon two years ago, I felt strained, yet at the same time, so excited. I was scared but continued walking into the center of the ellipse. The soundscape changed as if I was inside of a seashell. Like eco-sexuals who lick the barks, rub themselves against the naturally carved surfaces, I had the urge to feel the cold, rusted surface of the metal— I only dared to touch it with my hand."



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