Göksu Kunak

Mind sets and energy blockings metamorphose into
a naturally crafted
animal machine

blossoming in myth and magic oh! those times in utopian lands

thirty packets
of testo drops
on open
luscious mandarins meanwhile lost linearity tries to penetrate from the door Thank Dog:

gender hack
colores it
by smearing pink shimmering divine light
where machines
humm and drum
to create sweat

my breasts
turned into
a mammary gland
that produces the night soil

and a metal hand
cut the fruit of a cactus carved out the juicy flesh in and out
Mouth bit:

slushhh—and lust dribbled down the lips percolated through
the rim of an organic opening
controlling the expulsion of feces

Modified bodies of babies
Norms and protocols
of binary regimes
Gender equals to an industrial drug perform your sterile duty

in “hetero colonial human planet” be aware
breasts breath

not only milk but pink

endless dance
sweat on harness
Blithe hands dance on skins

In the gardens of myth and misery
where parliament blue shines like a spice from the markets of Orientalized lands. bodies become intimate
mandarins ejaculate
losing all juice inside
sighs echo
in bliss
and roar in euphoria

*Influenced by Beatriz Paul Preciado’s Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs and Biopolitics

** A version of this poem is used for the piece “Testomania” composed by Martin Hiendl for the vocal Ekmeles performed at DiMenna Center NYC. Here is the link to the performance.


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