02.2022 AN(A)KARA

Radiant Nights at De Singel Antwerp

14.11.2021 Far Away From the World performative installation

at ArtDate The Blank Contemporary Art Bergamo

27.10.2021 AN(A)KARA and its ruins performative talk 

at Goethe Institut Bucharest

18.10.2021 AN(A)KARA and its ruins performative installation

at Montag Modus Berlin

04.09.2021 O by IASA (Norbert Pape, Yuri Shimaoka, Pêdra Costa, Göksu Kunak, Elena Polzer) with participating artists

at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

15-16-17-18.07.2021 AN(A)KARA performative installation

Sophiensaele Theater Berlin

06.2021 Untitled for Queer Grief performance

Pugs in Love Festival Maxim Gorki Theater

06.2021 Cabaret Portrait: Döner Blackout III performative installation

Live Works Summit 2021 Centrale Fies

2021 Saadet. Better YOU. video, 28’ 49’’ 

Next Waves Theater Volksbühne

02.2021 SONGS FOR CAPTURED VOICES Libretto by Göksu Kunak


A 3-part choreographic intervention by Josep Caballero García/ Queerpraxis

Performance: Göksu Kunak aka Gucci Chunk, Lea Martini, Enis Turan

at Kampnagel Hamburg

07.2020 Open Studio Centrale Fies

05.2020 Laborotary of Contested Space curated by Junge Akademie 

at Akademie der Künste

2020 The Artist Survival Kit: a book on Performance Economy

Editors Andrea Bellini, Göksu Kunak

Supported by Centre d’Art Contemporaine Genève 

28.11.2019 Cabaret Portrait: Döner Blackout II 

KW Institute for Contemporary Art Pogo Bar


BERGEN: The Woman of Agonies 

Performance co-created with composer Laure M. Hiendl

3hd Festival curated by Creamcake

HAU 2 Berlin


BERGEN: The Woman of Agonies 

The Parliament of Bodies: The Impossible Parliament

curated by Paul B. Preciado and Viktor Neumann

as a part of Bergen Assembly 2019

3-4.08.2019 BERGEN: The Woman of Agonies 

Light Design: Annegret Schalke

at Ausufern Festival at Uferstudios Berlin, Supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin

20.04.2019 HAPPY HOUR organized by Göksu Kunak a.k.a Gucci Chunk

Readings/Performances by Will Furtado, Zoe & Nat (TABLOID Press), Maxi Wallenhorst, Jule Flierl and Göksu Kunak a.k.a Gucci Chunk

Special Thanks to Hopscotch Reading Room

13.04.2019 Döner-Blackout or Press Conference: Testo Soap

at 2nd <Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer"> curated by Creamcake

24.03.2019 Döner-Blackout Lecture Performance

As a part of the exhibition Hactivate Yourself

Supported by 1a Space Hong Kong and Goethe Institut Hong Kong 


Reading: I thought this would

Le Salon, 8pm

at Das Kapital Berlin


'Next to all those organs you love'

Readings and performances by

Göksu Kunak a.k.a Gucci Chunk
Deborah Birch
Chloe Chignell & Lili M. Rampre 
Sven Dehens

Brussels, Studio of Sven Dehens


About Face: 17,000 Roses, a community-based FFS fundraiser

invited by Lyra Pramuk, at Berghain am Kantine

28.09-27.10. 2018

House of Wisdom Nothingham at Bonnington Gallery

Curated by Collective Cukurcuma

'Heavy as frost and deep almost as life' (2018), audio


Drone Barbie

performative reading 

at Art-Lab Berlin as a part of the exhibition 'Beautiful Trouble: Rethinking Art-ivism' with works by Rabih Mroué, Tanja Ostojić, and Mohamed Badarne curated by Charlotte Bank and Salah Saouli.


TABLOID PRESS Residency at Blake & Vargas Berlin

The Fugitive Dead and Urgent version 3— Reading performance 


To CAMP -- One Week of Living, Working and Performing

at Centre d'Art Contemporain Geneve invited by Andrea Bellini and Julian Weber

Magdalena Chowaniec, Matthew Day, Pepê Dayaw, Natasza Gerlach, Göksu Kunak, Nils Amadeus Lange, ARIAH LESTER, Jos McKain, Andrius Mulokas, Arttu Palmio, Elissavet Sfyri, Dasniya Sommer, Lynn Rin Suemitsu, Antonia Steffens, Austeja Vilkaityte, Julian Weber, Andrea Zavala


Anti Pasti an evening of performances curated by Julian Weber

with Zen Jefferson, Zuzanna Ratajczyk and Juan Pablo Cámara, Göksu Kunak and Camilla Vatne Barratt-due, Jeremy Wade, Astrit Ismaili at VOODOO55 Berlin 


LOW TEXT #1 Conversations at Flutgraben in the frame of After the Eclipse series

Perila, Sage, Mona Varichon, Göksu Kunak, Dylan Spencer Davidson, R&D

Reading Performance "Urgent"


Wahlverwandtschaften: Göksu Kunak & Olga Bach

Stadtsprachen Magazine and Berliner Literatische Aktion


Cc/bcc: Brigitte An evening of readings and discussion

Shy x Naemi
Göksu Kunak x Luce de Lire 
Discussion moderated by Penny Rafferty


Belladonna* Collaborative And/With Reading Series at Pioneer Works NYC

with Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Göksu Kunak, and Baseera Khan 

BDP A Weekend Fix – Reading Series at Tropez

with Sophia Le Fraga, Shane Anderson, and Göksu Kunak presented by John Holten.


Is Paradise Cheaper? lecture-sound performance and artist talk with musician Korhan Erel for Fuchsbau Festival


Writer Talk at Hildesheim University Literature Department

17.06.2017 Poets' Corner Reading Poesie Festival Berlin


when they take it all from us (collective memorizing) a performance with Lulu Obermayer and Xenia Taniko Drettmann

as a part of House of Wisdom curated by Collective Çukurcuma


Performance of the lecture The New Bitch of The Republic as a part of Swimminginapooloffriends at Kule Berlin, organized by Lulu Obermayer and Nora Almes


Descriptions and Translations: Sabotage performance of the sound-text duo Solar Anus with composer Martin Hiendl as a part of the Fundraiser event at Studio 8


Perspektive Tanzjournalismus / Publikumsorientiertes Schreiben

PACT Zollverein Essen -- paper presentation


13. Kongress der Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft, Frankfurt und Gießen

Queer Chronopolitics – Forests, Freaks and Performativity -- paper presentation

04.11.2016 Sound and crement // technologies of de-cay

@SAVVY Contemporary

Exhibition and reading of the pieces composed in the workshops “Sound disobedience: Homophonic writing and mis/translation” and “Technological disobedience: DIY technologies, noise and disturbance”


As a part of Batard Festival Brussels

Lecture Performance

How I became the bitch that I am right now


Discussion PostBerlIstanbul

Brotfabrik 5pm

Reading LITERATURK...?

PANDA-Theater Kulturbrauerei 8pm


Stadtsprechen Literature Festival – Workshops at SAVVY Contemporary

with Jane Flett / Nacho Buk / Kenny Fries / Marie-Pascale Hardy / Rudolf Kollektiv / Göksu Kunak / John K. Peck / Kenneth Binyavanga Wainaina / Sarnath Banerjee / Donna Stonecipher

Sound Disobedience Homophonic writing and mis/translation

Technological Disobedience: DIY Technologies, Noise and Disturbance

link to the event page


Abandoned Xmas Trees is at 21er Haus Vienna as a part of Stay with me curated by Selda Asal-Apartment Project

Invited by curator Işın Önol and Bernhard Cella founder of Salon für Kunstbuch!



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